Sunday, March 16, 2008

Epic Drop: Top 11 Signs You Have No Business Picking an NCAA Bracket

Your link is here, and as it will probably be the first and last words I have to say about The Tournament, treasure 'em.

Future FTT work on this subject will come from The Truth and Dirty Davey, assuming we can keep both men from going on a Roy Williams-inspired killing spree when the Tar Heels spit the bit. (The over/under on the length of time that Roy will cry is 75 seconds, and as always, I'm taking the over.)

I'd also like to thank my alma mater, the mighty 'Cuse, for saving me the time and trouble of watching the tournament for the second straight year. If you aren't going to win it all with a 'Melo-riffic frosh, just don't go, sez I...

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The Truth said...

To get everybody ready for a sneak peak at Ol' Roy sobbing at the podium, please read my post from last year:

And check out an inspirational poster to get you prepared:

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