Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The NCAA Tournament Has Not Begun

This can't be said enough: the play-in game is utterly, completely, breathtakingly pointless. Right up there with, say, a fifth NFL exhibition game, Mel Kiper Jr. Bill Walton and the Baltimore Orioles.

You can't pick it in a pool. You have to live in North Las Vegas to want to seriously wager on it. The winner doesn't matter, since no 16 seed has ever beaten a 1 seed, or, most likely, ever will. These teams would be better off in the NIT, where they might finagle a home game. It doesn't serve any useful purpose, other than to try to get the NCAA an extra day or two of coverage. It shouldn't be covered, televised, or tolerated. Period.

Oh, and when one of the teams has, as its name, an imperative command to begin rutting? Well then, it's just obvious to everyone, isn't it?

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The Truth said...

There actually was a good reason for it. When one of the conferences split into two and a new conference was created (I think the WAC and Mountain West were the ones) there was now a new conference that got an automatic bid. This would have reduced the number of at large bids by 1. The NCAA didn't want to do that, so they added one team thus creating the play in game.

With all the crying from bubble teams that don't get in, I can't blame them.

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