Friday, March 7, 2008

Now and forever, I own you

For some time now, Smoke Stewart has been calling Roger Clemens a punk... and as this photo and story show, the man's enjoying having the last laugh. Take a click, and you will too. Here's the money quote...

"The best thing Roger could've done is shut up and let it go away, and it would've gone away," Stewart said. "People want to believe everything Roger projects himself to be, and this would've blown over. Now if they find out he did HGH and steroids, he'll never go to the Hall of Fame and he'll be proven one big liar who tried to pull a scam on everybody."
If and when Clemens goes to jail, I think Smoke should get custody of his wife and kids, and post sex tapes of himself giving it to Debbie from behind. But then again, I've always dreamed big.

1 comment:

tracer bullet said...

I'll be happy to take custody of Debbie and any female Clemens children over the age of 16. 14 in North Carolina.

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