Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Come Now, This Can't Have Been Very Surprising

Duke Fan, you really were actually surprised at not getting to the Sweet 16 after your team barely escaped losing to a 15 seed? Come on, trustafarians, get in touch with reality already. Your team has become the snotty punching bag and UNC Bitch that our man Dirty Davey has waited decades for. Embrace your new era! You're doing the rest of the sporting world a service, really. (And if you need help in adjusting to the new standard of things, ping FTT HOF commenter Tracer Bullet. He's a Notre Dame football fan, so his experience is highly relevant.)


The Truth said...

If you would have checked out some of their other message boards after they lost you would have found some outstanding examples of crying. So much, even Roy Williams would blush.

Their biggest whine - that ESPN was taking great enjoyment in their losing. Why does ESPN hate Duke so much?

Everyone hates Duke because, well, you're Duke. And if you don't understand that last statement, you never will.

Tracer Bullet said...

Say what you like about the Irish, but they don't whine. Win or lose, they take their lumps and keep on steppin'. But, if you ask Coach K and his legion of pasty white guys, they never would have lost a single game if not for the cheating refs, the obnoxious opposing fans, the angle of the sun, the machinations of the Illuminati, etc.

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