Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tonight in South Philadelphia, following what should be the only real traffic jam of the year before a Sixers game, Allen Iverson will lead his Denver Nuggets into battle in a building that he more or less created.

The Nuggets have a better team and record, but the Sixers have the better playoff situation, since they are in the Leastern Conference -- hell, .500 might get home-court for somebody. Some people are wondering if the local fans will boo, but as I don't think there really is an arena that boos AI anywhere in the league (let's face it, people like to root for a hard working little guy, regardless of his tats and past offenses), I just can't see it. And if it does happen, I'll feel worse about my hometown than when we chucked batteries, fired flare guns, or roared our approval at apparent paralysis.

As for what will happen in the actual game, your guess is as good as mine; AI is 1-1 against his old team in two games in Denver. He could shoot his team out of the game, or go for 50+; but it probably won't be where the game is won. If Camby can make Dalembert disappear, and if Denver can find anyone to guard Iguodala -- that's where these teams match up, and win or lose.

As for what I'll be rooting for? It's been nearly a year and a half since The Trade, and I still have a horrible hollow feeling whenever I see AI in that powder blue jersey. An end to that would be nice, but I'm not expecting it, really. (AI scores 40, Denver wins 115-105.)

Update -- Ivy had 32, but the Sixers got more from their bench (30 to 16), and Dalembert outpunched Camby (17 and 12 to 5 and 4). The Sixers had to shoot over 60% from the floor to win by 2, at home... but that was also their 10th win in their last 11 games, so you can make a case that they just might be for real. Here's something that's nearly as amazing -- they're actually a .500 team now, at 34-34. with 5.5 games between them and being out of the playoffs.

As for Denver, they're still looking like the odd team out in the West, and you'd think that a team that's only got 14 regular season games left to change that situation would be a little more down about dropping a winnable road game. Someone want to wake up George Karl, and tell him to stop freaking out about sports blogs that want him fired.


cmjdad said...

Lets hope you do better with your brackets.

DMtShooter said...

I don't pick 'em. Truth's 2-year-old wins by default.

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