Saturday, March 22, 2008

Two Nations Will Collide

On May 28, 2008, I will attend a taping of "The Colbert Report" in New York.

I mention this for the following reasons.

1) To provoke relentless jealousy among my fellow Colbert Lovers,

2) To create the sad tease of an FTT contest for who among you wants to go with me (make your pitch in the comments, but the Shooter Wife has the inside track),

3) To collect suggestions for what to wear (I'm thinking the House of Meat Championship Belt and the FTT T-Shirt Garment of Greatness -- but that much awesomeness at one time might tear a hole in the space-time continuum)

4) To collect suggestions for what questions need to be asked (Stephen, I am told, plays Stump the Audience before the taping begins)

5) And really, just to show you that It's My World, Dammit.

So go ahead, Nation -- convince me of your worthiness to inhabit my world.


Tracer Bullet said...

1) I can easily fend off the legions of women who, because of your fab belt and t-shirt, want to be with you and the men who want to be you.

2) Appearing with a real, live African-American will not only win you oceans of credibility with your fellow white people, but you'll also have more black friends than Colbert himself.

3) I will ask Colbert, with a totally straight face, "If Obama wins the nomination, will conservatives finally be honest with themselves and refer to him as 'uppity?'"

The Truth said...

I was going to declare my reasons for why The Truth should be invited. But after reading Tracer Bullet's reasons, I don't deserve to go. Tracer Bullet had me at hello. He had me at hello.

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