Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy 50th

Today in Japan, noted wank aid Danica Patrick won her first race in her 50th start, in an event where she took advantage of the leaders miscalculating their fuel needs.

There are 2 obvious but fun points that I'd like to make here. Along with posting a photo that's going to get the site a lot of clicks from people who aren't aware that there are other sites on the Web that work more effectively for That Sort of Thing. (The quest for porn, she is endless.)

1) Since women as a general rule weigh less than men, auto racing is an event where they have a physical advantage. Patrick's competitors, and those who like to denigrate her accomplishments, are fond of pointing this out... without the corollary of belittling every male athlete in every other sport for just being physically advantaged over women. (An aside for anyone who might actually know the answer to this question... are there Patricks in horse racing? I remember Julie Krone in the 80s, but that was a long time ago.)

2) Does Patrick's win further hasten the Apocalypse for NASCAR fan? I'm looking for the day when that circuit is overrun by rail-thin minority women drivers that make the fan base all stand as one and find some new cocoon of White Male Sports Purity. (Say, for instance, MLB, now that blacks are down to 6% of the workforce, but with the Hispanic and Asian influence, maybe that won't cut it. Bowling, anyone?)

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DCScrap said...

The cars have minimum weights with the driver in them. Something she cried and cried about LINK, then went out and won. Big baby. NASCAR has the same rule. No fear of skinny women needed, bud.

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