Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Think I'll Buy Me A Football Team

Astute viewers may notice the addition of a PayPal Donate button on the right hand task bar, and wonder where we get the nerve to ask for donations, seeing how we have ads.

Well, it's threefold.

1) I run some fantasy leagues, and the owners in those leagues have requested a way to pay remotely. So, voila.

2) Some T-shirt buyers would rather use credit. Now, they can.

3) Just because I sell myself to advertisers and other blogs doesn't mean I can't also hock myself to some FTT readin' sugar daddy. And for just a $75 pledge, you get a tote bag!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog, written while enjoying a nice tall frosty Budweiser. Ahh!!! (Have we also mentioned that product placement contracts are A-OK in our books?)

1 comment:

tracer bullet said...

Any truth to rumors that a $100 pledge gets a nude 8x10 glossy of the Shooter himself or that $1,000 gets a home visit and a handjob?

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