Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celtics-Cavs: Like Watching Digestion

Tonight in Boston, the Celtics sapped my will to live, along with the Cavs, in one of those grind it out games that is, I swear, going to turn me into a Spurs-Pistons fan.

I don't mean to be a transparent Mass Hater here, but with the exception of the Poster Moment in Game 4, there hasn't been a single moment in this series that has made me really want to look up from the keyboard.

Since every game has to have a hero, kudos to Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce. The embattled young point guard had 20 points and 13 assists in helping the Celtics overcome a 14 point first half deficit. The latter iced this one with that most exciting of basketball plays, the free throw. The Celts also got useful bench minutes out of Big Baby Davis, while the Cavs got a big disappearing act from their bigs.

Basically, the Celtics made free throws and the Cavs didn't, and while Cleveland got to the line a lot, they just didn't make enough of their opportunities when they got there.

I'd say more about this, but for a tight game and a pivotal situation, Lord, It Was Dull. I expect the series will go 7, because the Celtics are gutless front-runners that need the home court. Also, um, Lebron shot well tonight, and while Pierce did as well,it's hard to imagine that the NBA isn't going for a Game 7, prime time, Sunday night experience. Maybe it will even be watchable. Home teams are now 18-1, with a +13 average point differential, and counting...

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