Friday, May 2, 2008

NBA Pick Challenge 2, Electric Boogaloo - Update

Staff writer The Truth and I compete in a head-to-head playoff predictions battle to see who is the bigger idiot. The loser has to do something that is deeply shameful and personally repugnant on this blog. Last year, Truth had to write a love post to the type of fantasy sports owner that he hates; it was 500 words of enema for him.

This year, I think the loser might have to watch TBS after the playoffs are over, or just stab ourselves in the kidney. TBS IS VERY FUNNY. OBESE BLACK MEN DOING MINSTREL SITCOMS ARE VERY FUNNY. SMUG BLOATED WHITE MEN DOING SITCOM DAD CRAP IS VERY FUNNY. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY.

Rules: Pick all playoff series. 10 points for getting the winning team right, 10 more for calling the right number of games, 5 if you are one off. Each subsequent round doubles the points on each pick. That's it.
Fighting his way through the chill of my Macbethian witch predictions, Truth is tied in the early going, and has an edge in the Celtics series. But once the Jazz closed out the Rockets, we took the big lead.

Shooter Picks / Truth Picks

Boston in 4 / Boston in 5 -- Pending
Detroit in 6 / Detroit in 4 = 20 to Shooter, 10 to Truth
Toronto in 6 / Orlando in 5 - 20 to Truth
Cleveland in 6 / Cleveland in 6 -- 20 to both
Lakers in 5 / Lakers in 5 = 15 to both
Hornets in 7 / Mavericks in 7 - 10 to Shooter
Phoenix in 6 / Phoenix in 6 - 0 to both
Utah in 6 / Rockets in 6 -- 20 to Shooter

Second round picks:

Shooter Picks / Truth Picks

Lakers in 5 /
Pistons in 5 /
Spurs in 6 /
Celtics in 7 /

1 comment:

The Truth said...

Lakers in 6
Boston in 7
Hornets in 7
Pistons in 6

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