Sunday, May 11, 2008

Surprise! It's the Spurs Again

Once again, it's the veteran Spurs doing what they need to do with coaching matchups to get even. On the defensive end, it's been to make Peja Stojakovic important and uncomfortable -- i.e., just like when he lost games for the Kings -- and preventing lobs to Tyson Chandler. On the offensive end, it's been all about making veteran spot-up shooters (Finley and Bowen) a factor again, after two games at the start of the series where they just seemed in the way. Suddenly, my pre-series pick of Spurs in 6 is looking a lot more comfortable.

Special points have to go out to Manu Ginobili, who Gregg Popovich put into the starting lineup in Game 3. It's mostly a symbolic gesture, but it was still a key change, in that it told his team that the series was serious; his team has responded with their characteristic excellence in execution. As for the Bugs, Byron Scott tried the age-old "Send in the Scrubs" move when down 20 at the end of the third; garbage time ensued. Chris Paul is still the best player on the court, but David West picked a bad time to play his worst game of the playoffs, and the Bugs got nothing of note from any other player. (Of course, Tim Duncan's 22 and 15 might have a bit to do with West's disappearance.)

Who wins the best of 3? Well, you can hope for more hoop from the exciting young team... but the Spurs do not care about your hopes. Or the fact that Spurs-Pistons, the NBA Finals that may not even be something that people in San Antonio or Detroit wants to see, is looking like your best bet. (And no, the visual scars from the last time they danced have not faded. Some thing can not be unseen.)

1 comment:

John said...

I ask would the real SA Spurs please stand up? The answer was 100-80.

This is how it sould be done. Tim was awesome and both Parker and Manu were doing their thing.

I have no complain as Spurs avoided following the Mavs footstep. They do look good to take Game 5 from NO and win the series in Game 6.

I have faith on that. No doubt on that.

What about your thoughts/comment on the game. Would surely love to hear from you.

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