Monday, June 2, 2008

Epic Drop: Top 11 Reasons Why The NBA Needed Six Days Off Before The Finals

Your list is here, and every year, the NBA seems to drag this out a little more... and that goes for the games, too.

This is a whole 'nother post in itself, but has anyone else noticed how the Lords of Sport seem to just have bloat in all live games? Baseball takes 3.5+ hours now. The Celtics' games, what with the incessant fouling and flopping, are coming up on three hours. For basketball, which used to take two. Football is borderline intolerable in the stadium. It all adds up to...

A deep expectation that no one -- no one -- is paying full attention to the games.

I'm on a laptop when it's on; I write my blog posts and catch up on my day job. I bet you're watching more SportsCenter than live games, because the live games just take forever. I can't imagine how this is working for younger folks, and I can't blame them. It's killing the golden goose slowly, from overfeeding it until it's obese and dying of heart failure.

And there is nothing -- certainly not the people at the stadiums, who pay more and more and might as well get quantity if not quality, and the folks at home who are just multi-tasking their way through the bloat -- that's going to stop it. Seriously, are you going to stop watching games because they take too long, or because there is too long of a gap between games?


Dirty Davey said...

Yesterday on the Chat House, Wilbon was asked:

"Does the NBA have a back-up plan if the postseason winds up extending through the start of the regular season?"

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