Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crown Our Ass

To get the full impact of the following, please start the YouTube clip, then speak the following copy in your best SERIOUS MOVIE TRAILER VOICEOVER GUY VOICE, and time the breaks accordingly. Thank you.

In just a few pixels, you will get your first look at the logo for my new fantasy football league, the Leather Crown Cult.

Please remain calm.

Persons with heart conditions are advised to use extreme care before beholding this image. Families with small children are advised to view this as a group, so that your kids don't run away from home to make their way to my house and serve as my unholy army of the night. (I'm flattered and do deserve it, but the positions have been already filled.)

Now, if you are truly ready to know the meaning of Total Awesomenosity... BEHOLD!

Gaze deeply into its details. Spot the hidden, Satanic-level pigskin iconography. Absent-mindedly carve it into your desk at homeroom after your wake 'n bake. Know, in your heart of hearts, that yours must also be that big if you are to Rule.

But, most importantly, demand -- demand, I say -- your opportunity to possess the single artifact in the world that will have this on it. (Um, there are still a few spots left open in the league. First come, first serve. Email me at dmt shooter at gmail dot com for details.)

The Leather Crown Cult. Starts August 30, 2008. Rated A for Total World-Ending Awesomeness. Coming to a fantasy league near me.

Oh, and in a few more weeks, you shall also see the Leather Crown itself. You lucky, lucky people.


Dirty Davey said...

is it supposed to look like a male sexual organ?

DMtShooter said...

Hence The Power.

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