Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Less Cowbell

Y'know, I'm all for good team spirit -- loved Oakland's Left Field Bleacher Drummers -- and I'm happy that Ray Fan is having a good time, especially at Masshole Expense... but, um, folks? We need Less Cowbell. Honest.

Will Ferrell is just one "Love Guru" sized turd away from getting put on the No Longer Even Remotely Funny list (right up there with Mssrs. Myers, Murphy, and over 95% of the people in this world who have ever cashed an SNL paycheck). It's right up there with Thundersticks and the Tomahawk Chop in terms of meathead-esque behavior. It's played out. Besides, the Sox give you so many opportunities for specific heckling. Ask Manny if he wants to be traded. Chant steroid at the traveling load that is David Ortiz. Challenge Papelbon to a fight. Ask Drew how much he's tithing. I could go on.

On the other hand... did it really piss off Sawx Fan, even more than losing ground in the division? So... many.... conflicting... emotions...

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