Thursday, July 31, 2008

Politically Correct Fantasy Football Team Names

Normally I don't go for PC bashing, because you wind up giving aid and comfort to people who really don't need, want, or deserve it... but let's face it, the guys that are playing fantasy football could care less about offending anyone, and to not serve their naming needs would be, well, offensive.

Besides, one of these might get that overly serious progressive in your league to crack a smile, assuming his granola girlfriend lets him enter the league at all. (And yes, I do have one specific person in my life in mind...)

As always, all names should fit in the Yahoo space limit.

Low Penalty Footprint

Pacifism Challenged

W/Cruelty Free Leather

Plus Sized Receivers

Fast Defense Advance

Uniquely Able Teams

Place Kick Hims

Male Gland Control

Time Of Non-Sharing

Washington Just Skins

1 comment:

Tracer Bullet said...

How about the Non-Gritty White Guys or Quarterback, Not Black Quarterbacks

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