Monday, September 15, 2008

Countdown To Armageddon

Today in Milwaukee on a neutral field, Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter at the Astros (and hasn't Houston Fan had a fun enough weekend?).

Considering that Big Z was last seen talking about a serious medical problem, giving Cub Fan their latest case of fatalism... this has led most to think that the Cubs are the favorite to represent the NL in the World Series. (And yes, they should be. The other teams in the NL playoffs will likely be the Mets, Phillies and Dodgers, which is to say, three incredibly flawed teams that don't match up at all well with the Cubs.)

Now, I'm pretty sure that Cub Fan isn't going to be overconfident at this point. A century of loss, most of them not even close, has a certain effect on people. But if Zambrano and Rich Harden can stay healthy -- admittedly, not a sure bet, but given how they've managed Harden's work load, not impossible -- it's hard to see how they lose a series.

Once they get to the Series, they'll most likely face the Red Sox, just because God enjoys tormenting the wicked and righteous alike, because It's Funny.

Because Boston Fan is now enjoying Big Karmic Retribution (see Bowl, Super, and Brady, Tom), the Cubs will win.

And when that happens, the National League will finally have a miserable road team Nation to match what the AL's non-Sawx/Yankee franchises have been enduring for lo these many years.


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