Friday, September 26, 2008

NCAA Winning Picks Week 5

The Truth is The Truth again after a perfect week 4. I hope you cashed in on last week's picks. We're going to ride our mojo into week 5 and make everyone some coin again. We here at FTT are givers. So hop on board and enjoy the ride. We're now 12-8 for the season after picking 5 games last week and telling you to double up on the Virginia Tech game. The Truth has another Lock of the Week double down special for you. The giving, it hurts!

Louisville -3.5 vs. UCONN. You think I'm crazy to bet against a 4-0 team? Let me share with you who UCONN has beaten this year: Hofstra, Temple (beat them in OT), Virginia (stinks) and Baylor. And you can start you weekend early by watching a game tonight that you otherwise wouldn't.

Michigan State -8.5 @ Indiana. I'm tempted to recommend the over here at 51. Both teams can put up points. But IU's lost by 3 TDs to Ball State last week leads me to believe they won't hang with MSU past the first.

Purdue +1 @ Notre Dame. Is my hatred for Notre Dame obvious? I put that aside when laying down coin though. ND is terrible. Their only wins were against even worse teams, Michigan and San Diego State. Purdue looks solid this year and barely lost to Oregon in OT. I like Purdue by a TD here, so again Vegas, thanks for the point.

Miami -7.5 vs. UNC. Miami is perfect ATS this year and kicked Texas A&M's teeth in at College Station last week. The Tar Holes aren't bad, but I don't think they hang with the Canes in Miami.

Wisconsin -6.5 @ Michigan. What can I say. Bet against Michigan in every game where they aren't getting 14 points. They cannot move the ball. Lay 2 units on this game.


Anonymous said...

OUCH! 1-4 on the picks this week! You're probaby as shocked as the USC Trojan nation was this week.

The Truth said...

Oh the humanity! I'm either dead on or dead wrong each week. The hard part is for you to figure out which. I was actually 1-5 when you figure in the double units recommended on the Wisconsin debacle.

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