Sunday, September 28, 2008

Small Moments

Last night, I was back in the casino at the poker tables, with a new plan of sucking less and getting better cards. It worked!

(And yes, I know this is Not Sports and probably dull as dishwater to the non-poker players out there, but I like to take care of the degenerates, too.)

The game plan was to play tighter and fold on more hands pre-flop. It's requires a strong amount of patience, and the bigger problem is going on tilt as you think about what might have been.

So yes, you'll remember (for a disturbingly long time) the time you folded K-8 and had it show up as a full house on the river... but not, of course, the twenty odd hands where that move would be rewarded. Be happy for things that, well, you might otherwise take for granted.

For me, these things include:

> The 80 to 90% of the time that my commute doesn't go wrong

> The fact that the Shooter Wife doesn't give me grief over, well, periodic poker excursions

> The lunch options near my office, which give me a fair amount of choices for very reasonable coin

> The folks that come to the site, and

> Andy Reid, who has given Eagle Fan the best decade in our history.

(And if you're truly curious... I had queens twice, got lucky on the river once, and cleaned out another player who went to the river with jacks. It's a much simpler game when you play tight, really.)


The Truth said...

Couldn't you find a better photo than the stock picture you used of some dork in a blazer looking like he's about to crap his pants?

DMtShooter said...

That's my poker face, Truth. As in, smash my face in with one...

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