Monday, September 1, 2008

Something You Could Not Possibly Care About

My starting fantasy football teams, for the record.

H2H 14-team Yahoo League (Work league)

QB Drew Brees, Kurt Warner
RB Marion Barber, Earnest Graham, Steve Slaton, Andre Hall, Lamont Jordan
WR Greg Jennings, Jerricho Cotchery, Anthony Gonzalez, Derrick Mason
TE Heath Miller, Ben Utecht
DEF Green Bay, Philly
PK David Akers

Points 12-team Auction League (Private)

QB Tom Brady, Kurt Warner
RB Ryan Grant, Thomas Jones, Slaton, Kenny Watson
WR Torry Holt, Anquan Boldin, Cotchery, Gonzalez, Justin Gage
TE Jeremy Shockey, Heath Miller
DEF Indianapolis
PK Adam Vinatieri

H2H 14-team Yahoo League (Friends)

QB Tony Romo
RB Barber, Graham, Slaton, Chris Perry, Tim Hightower
WR Jennings, Gonzalez, Nate Burleson, DeSean Jackson, Robert Mecham
TE Dallas Clark
DEF Tennessee, Carolina
PK Matt Prater

The last draft was rough, in that I got poached at least a half dozen times early and late. The teams don't really vary all that much, in that if Slaton and Gonzalez tank, I'm boned in three leagues, and Barber, Graham and Jennings could take me down in two. I'm also a little embarrassed that I didn't play QB Roulette in any league, but I just hate doing that, even if it does work out fairly often.

Anyway, those are the picks; mock at your leisure.


CMJDad said...

What, no Steelers? I'm very disappointed.

DMtShooter said...

You are missing two-time selection Heath Miller.

I wanted Holmes in every league I was in, but it didn't work out. Almost got Mendenhall once, but that was the poach-tastic league.

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