Friday, October 24, 2008

Epic Drop: Top 10 reasons why Daunte Culpepper is reconsidering his retirement

The link is here, and his obvious failures notwithstanding.... really, can someone tell me why Culpepper is out of the league, but the following no-talents:

Dan Orlovsky
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Brad Johnson
Seneca Wallace / Charlie Frye
Everything Wearing a Chiefs Jersey

Is a better idea that a guy with a 64% career completion percentage, good size, who can throw a deep ball. I realize he's got mobility and health issues, throws picks and fumbles, and once trashed his entire franchise with a boat trip. But come on, people... look at that list again. All of those guys have jobs. Why not Culpepper?

1 comment:

The Truth said...

Why you ask? Because Culpepper still wants big money. He doomed himself this offseason.

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