Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now, will he pull the Clemens?

Mike Mussina announces his retirement, despite being just 30 wins away from 300, and he's the first guy to retire after a 20 win season since Sandy Koufax.

Well, congrats to him, I guess. But will he still stay away in mid-May, when NYY offers him $10 million for a few months of work after the injuries hit?

(Oh, and if anyone really wants to have the serious argument that he isn't a HOFer, go soak your head. 270 wins in a 'roid era, with his best year lost due to the strike, with playoff success and a ton of strikeouts... if you're really arguing against him, you've got some personal vendetta. If he's not a HOFer, neither are the majority of pitchers who are already there.)

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Anonymous said...

Good comments.

I grew up in Northeast PA where Mussina was a hot shot quarterback and basketball player also, and he was always a good guy. I popped out (foul) against him when I was 12. There was no rematch.

His numbers this year were much better, as they have trended since they began testing. I think he does deserve HoF based on his numbers before and after. and the fact that he was average during the juiced years.

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