Saturday, November 22, 2008

They Pelted Us With Ice After Garbage

Far be it for this writer to go into great detail over college football -- only so many hours in the day, really -- but when my alma mater (Syracuse) defeats the Bullet's favored team (Notre Dame), causing site contributor Dirty Davey to chortle with joy because the Irish are his favorite (if more than a little outdated) CFB Hate Object... well, it gets a mention.

Then, after the game was over, Irish Fan decided to note their displeasure by pelting their own team with snowballs. Including several players who were playing their final game there. That's a nice final memory to go off with, isn't it?

This is far from an original note, but there really is no difference for College Fan towards his team's mercenaries than Pro Fan for his. It's their job to win games, and if they don't, you as the fan just get to scorch the earth, really... even though the strong majority of people playing the game at the college level are going no further.

Now, it may very well be that only the presence of snow is the notable thing here; if unhappy home fan has ammo, he's probably flinging it. But still... you stay classy, Irish Fan. A few more dozen moments like this, and you get to be CFB's Philly Fan.


Dirty Davey said...

Hey, Philly fan only throws the snow at the OPPOSING team. And coaches. And Santa Claus.

Tracer Bullet said...

While I certainly can't condone throwing anything at a college player, had I been in the stadium, you'd have seen much more interesting things flying through the air than mere snowballs.

The Truth said...

Bullet - it could have been worse. Like my Saturday spent freezing at the Horseshoe rooting for Michigan. I was impressed though by the intelligence of the average OSU fan. I probably heard individually from 1,000 of them letting me know that "Michigan Sucks." You don't say. Thanks for the tip.

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