Monday, December 15, 2008

MNF Thoughts: Eagles-Browns

The perfect Philly Fan moment -- with 7:33 left and up 20 points on a dead to the world Browns team, there's booing. The booing was for Kevin Kolb, who to be fair, deserved it, having thrown a TAINt and a number of battered balls.

Takeaways from the game were relatively few. Donovan McNabb was as sharp as he's been all year, except for the red zone. They didn't need that much from Brian Westbrook (16 for 53 on the ground, 3 for 14 in the air), which was nice, considering how much work he had last week against the Giants. Jason Avant had a career day, mostly because McNabb decided to throw it to him whether he was open or not.

The Browns are a terrible team with Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson; they are monumentally terrible with Ken Dorsey. The game was garbage time in the third quarter. The announcers didn't talk about the game for most of the last hour. It rained. The most interesting play might have been when Asante Samuel almost pulled a DeSean Jackson on his 50-yard TAINt.

You'd like to think there could be a better signature play for this roster, but they were clearly into the confetti bucket part of the program by this point. That, combined with the asinine DJ pick in the red zone, is all that the Reid Resign crew had to go on. (Don't get comfortable, Fat Man. I like you better in the dog house; you eat less.)

And none of it means a thing unless:

1) They win in Washington next week, and against Dallas at home the week after, and

2) The Falcons spit the bit in Minnesota next week, or the Bucs gag at home against the Chargers. (No, neither team is losing in Week 17 against the Rams and Raiders, respectively.) And with Minny missing half of its Williams Wall, that line just got a lot tighter.

But still, hard to be bitter about a drama-free 20-point win at home. They did what they had to do, no one got hurt, and if they had been sharp in the red zone and didn't give Kolb time, it would have been a 35-point win. Moving on.


Anonymous said...

well loved the eagles last night. Browns have gotten much worse the 2nd half of the season. Love them to lose last 2 and fire there coach and GM and be the laughing stock of the league again next year. Go Bengals

Tracer Bullet said...

But, but . . . I need to hate something. I can't really hate McNabb despite that stupid INT, especially since Westbrook and Baskett did a great job running down the DB and hating Kolb at this point is like hating a small, retarded child. I can't even hate Sheppard since he didn't play. Feh. This just ain't right.

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