Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Spirit Moves You, In Your Pants

Saw "The Spirit" with friends this evening, and Oh, My.

If you're looking for anything beyond visual spectacle and Good Dumb Fun, stay very far away.

On the other hand, if you can handle Eva Mendes and her absolutely perfect ass, so much so that it becomes a plot device... or Scarlett Johansson's magnificent chest, complete with loads of fetishy fun in Geisha, Nazi and Wicked Scientist costuming... and that's not even counting a very large amount of emergency back-up poon from at least three other A-level hotties... well, to quote the movie, "They are just equipped."

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Samuel L. Jackson is having a very good time, and the fantastically funny "AND THAT'S FOR MUFFIN!" vengeance line from the hero will stay with me for, oh, the rest of my life as What To Say Before A Futile Attack.

Anyway, go see it, on a screen worthy of Mendes and Johansson's, um, talent. Yes, that's right, talent...


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