Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogrolling: My Virgin Eyes!

Dirty Davey, frequent FTT commenter and occasional poster, is related to a real live sportswriter, rather than the fake kind that we are. The relation is cheesed at the AP for the not very close at all quadruple double. And he curses, too!

Good on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Seriously, this brought a tear to the eye.

Awful Announcing has the goods on Coke recreating the Mean Joe Greene ad with Troy Polamalu. Will he throw the kid his hair? Only time will tell.

Busted Coverage with the lowdown on the typical day of a World Wide Lemur vixen. Blogfrica's need to mix poon with sports is disturbing, but it's not like this doesn't happen with every male-centric sub-culture. (Witness the eternal popularity of Slave Girl Carrie Fisher.)

Hat tip to NESW Sports, who tips Extra Mustard, and yes, Blogfrica is one big circle jerk, for this sick little double alley oop dunk. In any event, I'm thinking this high school team has a little too much free time on their hands to be coming up with plays like this. Next time, just throw confetti from a bucket, kids...

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