Saturday, January 3, 2009

Epic Drops

Editor Scrap has decided to give up the ghost, which means more lists on this site.... or, well, not. I made some good connections through EC and a reasonable amount of coin and links, but I can't say I'm very sad to see it go. Especially in the past few months, the spank turn over there just made me feel out of place, and it just wasn't as fun as I hoped it would be.

It also didn't help that Scrap kept wanting to kill the thing. Brett Favre-esque quitting stuff rankles in real life, too. I don't mean to speak ill of a guy who is probably going to read this and get a little bent, but the traffic boost from the broads probably cost him an advertising network, and that, more than anything, probably stuck a fork in it.

I appreciate the opportunity and the exposure, and if anyone has need for my services, just drop me a line.

1 comment:

John Bradley said...

No big loss - I enjoy the your lists, but hated going to that site. Life's too short for ugly, obnoxious, bloated web design. Between the popups, mouseovers, embedded videos, (and probably all manner of nasty little tracking cookies) the site's a textbook example of What Not To Do.

It'll be a pleasure to read some of your Numerically Arranged Snark on a site that doesn't make me want to kill myself... any more than usual, at least.

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