Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday Night Blogrolling: Nightmare Fuel

East Coast Bias ranks out the reasons why they hate the Steelers. I'm linking to it for the Nightmare Fuel of that thing in the Big Ben underoos. Click if you dare.

Jeff Johnson, a man with whom I've appeared on camera with in a non-pornographic way, weighs in with his NFC and AFC Championship picks. They are 100% different from mine, so I now must hate him.

Simon on Sports does the math to compare this year's Joe Flacco to 2001's Trent Dilfer. It's interesting, but not nearly as much as the fact if you compare 2001's Ray Lewis to 2008's Ray Lewis. The younger man is a lot better, and ends the interview with a lot of stabbing.

Finally, The Jets Blog with this find from YouTube. Alex Trebeck is calling you out, Coach!

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