Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Am Not A Blogroll, I Am A Free Man

Oh, rich children of sports owners. When will you stop having your hair set on fire by your abusive lesbian girlfriends? H/t to the great Pacman Jonesin' blog on this one. But on the plus side, it's making me feel self-righteous about my own parenting. Sure, the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS owner may be able to buy and sell me hundreds of times over, but unlike him, my daughters haven't been set on fire. So there! (Oh, and a quick Google search of the name of the ex shows that she's the daughter of some rich Yahoo guy. So Woody's little girl is the gold digger in this coupling, and deserves what she gets. I feel dirty now.)

On the off chance that my NFL playoff picks aren't good enough for you, you ungrateful bastards, the nice people over at Doc Sports are also offering up some NFL Picks, along with the NFL Line and the NFL Playoff Brackets. Such a public service!

Awful Announcing, your go-to site for, well, what it's called, examines the indefensible TNT move to replace Charles Barkley with a short and mostly sane white man. I'm thinking the visitors will notice the difference.

Global Sports Fraternity makes with more funny, though your average degenerate fantasy football player wouldn't last a night on the streets. He'd be selling his body for outdated annuals in hours.

Number 6, 80 years of age, finally escapes for good. Be seeing you. And let's close with my favorite car and television series in the world, because if you, Dear Reader, just show up here enough and all tell 1000 of your friends, the banner ads will get me my Lotus Super Seven in just a few decades...

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