Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 11 things Donovan McNabb might have said on that phone call

11) "How come no one makes those 1-800 Collect ads anymore?"

10) "Hello, TO? It's the playoffs calling. And they don't miss you."

9) "Someone get me Homeland Security, because we're dropping a bomb on New York. Damn!"

8) "Hey, can you call Kevin Kolb, and tell him to arrange the media around my locker? He knows how."

7) "Sure, this looks pretty douchey, but playing classy never got me any love in Philly. Besides, at least I'm not dancing."

6) "Dammit, woman, I don't care that we've got twins and I said I'd be there for you. I'm at work!"

5) "How much do you think Giants Fan hates this? Yeah, that much."

4) "You think it's easy to come up with a new way to make old white sportswriters mad?"

3) "I know, Andy, I know, but if I didn't take the penalty and give Dawk another chance to hit someone, he said he was going to 'Go Wolverine' on me. Man's not right."

2) "Plax, baby, I just can't thank you enough. Say hi to Michael Vick for me."

1) "Hey, is there Butz up there? First name Seymour."

1 comment:

Tracer Bullet said...

"T.O., tell me how my ass taste."

"Wes? Hey, it's Donovan. Fine, thanks, and you? Great, great. Listen, remember what you said about Asante? Uh-huh. Get ready to kiss the ring, bitch."

"I'm gonna need 83 tickets to Phoenix. First class."

"Fletcher, it's Donovan. Get my Ipod and download 'By The Time I Get to Arizona.' I loves me some Public Enemy."

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