Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogrolling: Fear The Steamy Swede

The Onion Sports Network debuts. I am ready for the intense heat of The Final Sweat... and deeply covet their production values. It looks like they took over the Lemur.

Tom Coughlin Retires From Family To Spend More Time With Team

Next link is behind a firewall, so let me just clip the relevant bits here.

Google's global privacy counsel Peter Fleischer and three other executives are expected to appear in court in Milan on Tuesday to face criminal charges stemming from an offensive video uploaded to the company's site.

Fleischer and the other company officials are accused of criminal defamation and failing to control personal data, according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals. The executives face a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

The case stems from a 2006 incident in which a high school student posted a three-minute clip of himself and three others bullying a 17-year-old with Down syndrome. The clip, which went live in September, was taken down Nov. 7, within 24 hours of Google receiving complaints about it.
Consequently, for the health and safety of the blog, I'd like everyone from Italy to close their browser now, since your government is, um, completely freaking batshit. Can't you people get to work on hanging the prosecutor from his heels in the public square?

"Slapshot" is being remade, not as a straight to video sequel that can be easily ignored, but as a big budget monstrosity that Variety compares, favorably, to that Adam Sandler turdmake of "The Longest Yard." Just kill yourselves already. Please. For the children.

NESW is all over Gatorade's remake of "Monty Python and the Knights of the Round Table." This moves a sports drink.... how?

Prophet Fighting gave some love to a recent post of ours, so here's the give back. If you're down with the fisticuffs, this should be on your short list, and their profile of the late great Ingemar Johansson was nails. Ah, for the day when the world feared big Swedes.

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