Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogrolling: The First Rule Of Poker Pool Fight Club

Chimpanzee Rage from the great Deuce of Davenport with today's priceless moment from the police blotter. Playing special teams for the Colts, surprisingly, will not keep you out of jail...

Also from the Chimp, do not miss this latest reality television show, also known as the life of 95% of Iggles fans from Kensington. Personally, I'm still more of a chess boxer, but as soon as they mix all three of these into one Overlord Game where your pocket aces get split by a pool cue to the head and a submission hold... well, grease me up, Lunchlady Doris!

Pool Poker and Pain promo

Today's search engine sources of traffic for the site (and these are always absolutely true): Fred Bevill (Hi, Fred!), aka the lispy Heartland Poker Tour color analyst, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Penis. I'm proud to be a blogger!

The Gray Lady weighs in with an in-depth piece on American Indian boxers. Keep this in mind when you hear about someone overcoming adversity; adversity is a high school dropout mom, fighting for a better life for her kid at age 18. Someone buy the rights to this for "Million Dollar Baby 2: Electric Boogaloo."

Just to give Steeler Fan an even bigger stiffy for their Super Bowl winning quarterback, there's this: he did the whole thing with broken ribs. I think he just passed Terry Bradshaw for All Time Favorite Steeler QB Ever.

When even the President takes a potshot at you, because your popularity ratings now look a lot like those Wall Street bonus bastards... well, everybody knows, A-Rd. everybody knows. (Me, I know that I like the Sin City Poon. A lot...)


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