Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 Brett Favre Prop Bets

With today's... no, I'm sorry, I can't write it anymore. Let's just go to the prop bet scoreboard and try to get some of Woody Johnson' money back, shall we?

10) Number of teams rumored to be in negotiations to bring him in after their QB gets hurt during the 2009 regular season: Over/under of 6

9) Odds on another comeback: Even money

8) Over/Under Date of Tell-All Book That Throws Dozens Of Coaches, Teammates and Really Mean Bloggers Under The Bus: Super Bowl Week, 2010

7) Chance of a new drug addiction and celebrity rehab stint: 3 to 1 against

6) Divorce with subsequent big publicity trial and allegations: 4 to 1 against

5) Reality show: 10 to 1 against

4) Odds that Tony Kornheiser will not return to MNF for the upcoming season: 5 to 1 if Favre is active, 20 to 1 is he stays retired

3) Criminal arrest with leaked Internet mug shot: 6 to 1 against

2) Over/under for price of a Favre Jets jersey at your local sports retailer: $9.99

1) Chance of ever winning another playoff game: 100,000 to 1 against (Note: Line not changed by retirement)

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