Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogrolling is giving you one-time ship avoiding sexy stink

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gives stink bombs and rotten eggs their smell. But according to Italian researchers, H2S has an unexpected side effect: It also triggers erections. Scientists at the University of Naples injected the gas into the penises of anesthetized rats and found that it relaxed penile nerves and dilated blood vessels: The rats quickly developed erections... The results suggest that hydrogen sulfide — which is toxic in high concentrations but acts as a neurotransmitter at low doses — may become a viable alternative to Viagra.

Now, two big points here:

1) Thanks to me, you now know what gas to use if you ever have to give an anesthetized rat a boner. Oh, the trouble this could have saved me back in college!

2) Perhaps more importantly, you now have carte blanche to pass gas in bed. Hell, given the expense and possible side effects of all of those magic erection pills, maybe it's even a moral imperative. Once again, your life is substantially enriched from reading this blog, and yes, you are welcome.

Are you frequently at risk from your inability to avoid huge ships? I know I am! This and other issues of the day (I'm especially partial to "Cheese Problems Solved", despite the fact that it's doing nothing for the lactose intolerance problem) are covered by the NY Times today.

Your MVP, especially if you are the camera crew and want to go home. Good grief, the man's a mutant.

1 comment:

Tracer Bullet said...

Yes, but will it make my dick smell like rotten eggs?

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