Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say It Isn't Zero

Word on the Lemur tonight that the only Washington Wizard that matters (and, of course, the one that hasn't played all year) is giving up the blogging. Gilbert Arenas, we really knew you.

Now, it's possible / overwhelmingly likely that Agent Zero will go back to the word needle as soon as he feels compelled. It's also possible that blogging is just your grandfather's Internet for today's NBA superstar, who's all about the Twittering. But it might also be that Gilbert just doesn't have the time for Blogfrica anymore, especially wince he might actually play a game this year.

Gilbert believes now that blogging is a damn do / damned don't kind of thing, in that the Meed'ja will simply take whatever you write and snipe. Um, Gilbert? That's not the meed'ja, that's the public. If I had a dime for every Epic Carnival commenter who tried to ruin my joie de vie, I'd hav esome joie de vie.

It may, or course, be that I'm just very bitter about drafting and stashing Gilbert's medical ass for six months, Gilbert! Or that you might finally come back for an opponent, just in time to not replace Devin Harris after that sum'bitch Marcus Camby took him off the court for absolutely no reason, given that the Clippers should be required by law to not care every game?

Anyway, sorry to see you go, Gilbert. You'd think that a guy with an utterly untradeable contract who is more or less crippling his team's efforts to be competitive would want to be more entertaining, not less...

1 comment:

Tracer Bullet said...

Considering the number of commentors the average EC post got, you might also have a dollar. Probably two, thanks to the Joe Namath post.

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