Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carmelo Anthony Now Better Than Tracy McGrady

In that his Nuggets have moved on to the second round (against Dallas in the Not Going To Win The West portion of the bracket), and congratulations to the notorious choke artist that has never had a moment of important success, provided you don't remember him punking the Kansas Jayhawks, or being on the 2008 US Olympic team. I like to remember the former, especially since site contributor The Truth is a Kansas guy, and I went to the 'Cuse. Once again, sir, Ha Ha.

I don't want to let the Nugs go without noting this lovely quote from one of the more aggravating people in the NBA, head coach George Karl. "I thought we could be a good team. But I never thought we could be this good."

Well, sure, in that you didn't realize that you were going to luck into the best energy guy in the NBA this year (the Birdman, Chris Anderson), or that you were going to face a team (New Orleans) that was going to react to the presence of James Posey as if he were Stephon Marbury.

We've also officially moved into the Coach Blood portion of Chris Paul's maturation as an NBA superstar, in that I'm not really prepared to believe that the same Chauncey Billups that got owned by a baby Daniel Gibson -- Daniel Gibson! -- could be the best point guard on the floor by a wide margin... but heck, I wasn't sure that the Nugs got the best of the deal when they sent the same broken-down Chaunce west for Allen Iverson. So let's just say that Paul isn't the only point guard to quit on the coach here.

In any event, Byron Scott is Dead Coach Walking, and I'd say more about the Bugs, but I don't want to give them any more effort than they gave me (for picking them to win this series in the first place). And since there are series with both teams trying tomorrow/tonight, we'll just move on.


Anthony said...

T-Mac is past his best and is a slave to the injury bug. He's still got A-skills but he's too fragile to be dependable during the course of the season plus a championship run.

So yes, 'Melo ought to be better than T-Mac.

DMtShooter said...

Plus, there's the whole quit on the team thing, and not making other players better...

I have to remember to make the headers less subtle. Or to stop spelling subtle with a b in the middle of it, since you can't hear it.

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