Monday, April 27, 2009

I Can't Say Goodbye To This Man

I just looked in the mirror fellas and I said you know I'm 41 years of age, I've got a little cash stashed away…I'm a proud single daddy no question about that, but it's just one of those things, man, where I just reached a point where at age 41 with about 20 to 25 years left in this business me doing my speaking engagements around the country, me representing the communities specifically the African-American community throughout this country being one of the preeminent voices out there... if this is where I stop, then at age 41, I'm not growing anymore and I couldn't live with that. -- Stephen A. Smith, somehow confusing himself with a civil rights leader, or something
Thank the stones, I was beginning to fear that the man was going to have some dignity without the Mouse's hand up his back. (And really, when it comes to the SAS Puppet, do not take second-best.)

Um, Stephen A.? You know what, I was going to take you to task for being a one-trick minstrel show that made the rest of NBA fandom kind of hard, since the rest of the world just cringed every time you opened your mouth about the Association.

But... QUITE FRANKLY... I miss you! I want to hear the over-the-top outrage on things you probably didn't care less about, the way you'd support and then turn on the flashy dumb moves that Isiah Thomas made, and the way you gave each and every sports fan on the planet an Instant Comedy Go To, since all you had to do was say HOWEVAH or QUITE FRANKLY.

Besides, Obama's the President now. My people need some fools to feel good about themselves, and your people need some to know they can still compete. Come on, TNT, make our man an offer! Everything he says is important!


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking dumbass.

Anonymous said...


DMtShooter said...

More than the people who put money in my pocket by coming to my site, registering ad impressions, posting an insult and coming back to see if I respond to it?

C'mon, insult me again. I'm sure you can do better next time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, poorly written, not funny, lacking any type of creative writing skills and wit. This post shows just how owned by Stephen A. Smith this guy really is. It's no wonder this guy is 41 and single. Sad, because quite frankly, I don't even like Stephen A. Smith. However, I guarantee he does his job better than whoever the hell "DMtShooter" does.
The loser brags about how much money he makes because a couple people posted on his website to inform him about how much of a tool he is. Listen "Shooter" ( a fitting name for a 41 year-old-single-dad), nobody is coming back to this poorly run, neophyte sports blog. If I were you, I would stop attempting to be clever and put my mind towards something I don't complete suck at before it's too late.

Anonymous said...


DMtShooter said...

Now, that's some hate mail. Two small corrections:

1) Right now, SAS has no job, so I do mine better than he does his -- go me!

2) SAS is the 41-year-old single dad. I'm *much* younger, married, and less prone to being heckled by people with socks on their hands.

Now,if I were you, I'd keep coming back and telling someone how much his blog sucks. Keep it up long enough, and there will be nothing online that you don't personally endorse and enjoy. The Internet Needs You!

Anonymous said...

Within the last month, a source says that ESPN and Smith went to the negotiating table and couldn’t reach an agreement. Apparently, ESPN’s offer was considerably lower than Smith’s previous contracts - which were multi-media faceted - and Smith passed. He was then offered the decision to work through the remainder of his contract, or walk away and still get paid, and a source says Smith decided to work.

“Stephen A. Smith moves the needle on ratings,” says Mark Shapiro, executive vice president of programming and production at ESPN. “Is he more liked or disliked? Who knows? Who cares? He leaves an imprint. People might come back because they hate him. The bottom line is, they come back.”

The same reason you claim to make money (people hate you and come back to tell you so) is the same reason Stephen A Smith is so successful. Irony at it's finest. Considering he walked away from his deal with ESPN, I doubt he will have a hard time finding a job.

The Truth said...

Wow. Somebody posting as "anonymous" has a "source." What a credible comment.

Anonymous said...

The Truth... you missed the point.
The "credible moment" was the quote by one Mark Shapiro regarding the success of Stephen A. Smith. It seems, "The Truth" is a bit dense. Sorry I had to spell it out for you. If you want me to read you a bedtime story I might be able to help you out seeing that I donate 10 hours of my week to helping out the mentally retarded.

Anonymous said...

No matter how he voiced his opinion, I too will miss Stephen A. Smith. He's a breath of fresh air. Unlike some people I know complaining and judging just because they can. I feel you Dude! Shake off the haters!

The Truth said...

"...I donate 10 hours of my week to helping out the mentally retarded."

Peer counseling I can only assume.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to shake off the haters because these haters lack substance of any kind. If they continue to toss me softballs I will keep hitting them out of the park.

Considering how easy of a target Stephen A Smith is, I am amazed at the weak, 4 paragraph whine-fest that took place. Any simpleton could have grilled the clown and made it entertaining. I guess that's why these losers are reserved to running a blog.

As for "the Truth". Hooked on phonics did not work for him. I am the one doing the helping. A retard (IE: you) would be unsuitable to counsel a fellow retard (DMtShooter) and thus peer counseling is not encourage in that situation. Because you are "special" I will let you off with a simple scolding this time. Best comeback since... Jesus.

Anonymous said...


Are you kidding when you say that you make money off this blog? Your traffic is non-existent and this is the only thread that has comments in it. And I'm guessing that's only because it's on the front page of RealGM right now.

Seriously, when you add up the advertising revenue you make and divide it by the hours you put in writing, what does it add up to? If you make 10% of minimum wage I'd be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Shooter, do you need help picking up your teeth? You just got curb-stomped.

DMtShooter said...

Sob. I'm just two or three more mean comments away from giving up sports blogging. Don't say any more! My fragile, hack-tastic heart can't take it. It's so unlike any other comment I've ever read before.

Oh, wait, actually I think I'll keep going, seeing how the blog was on SportsCenter this morning. Hate on, hate on, hate on.

The Truth said...

Wow - hey Anonymous, no kidding you were refering to you doing the counseling. I was quoting you, you moron. Here, I'll explain it so even your tiny, adolescent mind can understand.

YOU said "If you want me to read you a bedtime story I might be able to help you out seeing that I donate 10 hours of my week to helping out the mentally retarded."

Again, what is in those quotes are from your post. I hope you're able to keep up so far.

I then referenced what you said by using quotes (there is that word again - hope you're still with me). Then I pointed out that if you are counseling the mentally retarded it must be peer counseling.

Meaning you are counseling those of your own kind. But I should have figured someone of your calibar would be too slow to get that, essentially proving the point that you are indeed counseling your peers - the mentally retarded.

I'm sure I lost you, because I explained it so a 3rd grader could understand. I would be shocked if a fucking dipshit like yourself can even find their way home at night. Although, when you never leave your mom's basement, it's hard to get lost isn't it Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

- The Truth.

To sum it up, I called you a retard, and the best you could do is comeback with a, "I know you are but what am I" comeback. Brilliant. Don't use your poor attempts to insult me as an excuse to write like a 3rd grader. It's who you are - embrace it.

The cliche mom's basement line only further added to your already large arsenal of weak smack talk. Next thing you know, you will attempt to label me as an adolescent while simultaneously undermining your point with phrases like 'fucking dipshit'. Oh wait, that already happened as well. Clearly your maturity is leaps and bounds ahead of mine. If you're going to try to take some swings at me, I would recommend stepping into the batters box first. You're too easy - sorry if the truth hurts.

The Truth said...


anonymous is putting everyone to sleep.....

Anonymous said...

Translation: "I've got no comeback".

Thanks for playing, it was smart of you to fold when you did.

The Truth said...

Blog Commenter Troll - One who floats in and out of many different blogs and leaves anonymous or non-anonymous comments that fit the "troll" trademark code of, well, shame?

Ding, ding, ding. We have today's winner: Anonymous!

Congrats Anonymous, you have contributed to something productive today. Winner of the Blog Troll Award. You must be so proud to contribute so little.

Anonymous said...

The Truth

Let's get one thing straight here. Your pathetic attempt at a sports blog owes half of it's comments to me. You wouldn't want to offend 50% of your readers now would you. I never chalked you up as the business savvy type by any means, but I figured you had some sort of common sense. At least DMtShooter recognizes how essential people like me are to this blog of college dropouts and can brush off the insults. But you on the other hand lack the poise and intelligence to know what is good for you. So the next time you try label me as a troll in a poor attempt to cry out for help - think about your constituents.

You've proven on multiple occasions to be nothing more than my puppet. When I tell you to dance, you dance. When I tell you to make a fool out of yourself, you graciously oblige, and when I tell you to lob another one over the plate, you aim it slow and steady.

I'm glad that you tried to avert our previous exchange with an utterly lame cry for help. It's the exact behavior befitting of a puppet. So dance puppet dance!

DMtShooter said...

Not to let this degenerate into something useful, but that is my single biggest mystery of blogging... why troll?

If I get zero value out of a post, I bail on the site; I don't stop to leave a turd on the way out. (If I get some value, but have to suffer for it, then we get into the Bad Tooth Simmons issue. Whole 'nother story.)

All I can think is that Blog Trolls are

a) Just want attention, like any emotionally stunted child

b) Jealous whenever you get a good link, because that's one they didn't get

c) Deluded as to their importance, in that if I read their critique, I'll conform my output to their tastes, or

d) Actually see themselves as Right and True and Virtuous in some battle for the soul of the Internets.

So. A, sorry you're having a bad life. Or, well, not.

B, hey, um, go get the next one, fellow Blogfrican.

C, I've written over 2,000 posts, have made good friends, done some good work, and made enough from it to justify the timesuck. I enjoy it. If you don't, might I suggest some other site?

D, get out more.

And in re timewaste... yes, yes, I know, this comment. Late.

Anonymous said...

The Screaming Guys In Suits Network loses another screaming guy. Hey Shapiro, when you get rid of them ALL, I'll come back. Sorry, I don't need to be screamed at on any level....well ok "screamers" on one level I can handle but not in the sports, news, weather or anything on radio or tv venue. Cordially Yours, Sly Mongoose

PS. Glad to put a penny in anyone's pocket in this economy. Blog on baby!!

Anonymous said...

Or E:

It's a slow day at work, I'm bored, and have successfully found some people to entertain me.

Lumping all trolls into a few specific generalizations is sloppy at best. Your attempt to become a Soothsayer has gotten off to a frightful start - Don't quit your day job. (wow, did I just say that)

You can spin it anyway you want. I am a loser, I live with my parents, I live in the South, dropped out of High School and ride tractors with my uncle Bubba, blah blah blah. Use Whatever stereotypical nonsense that helps you feel better about yourself Shooter.

I don't need to make off-the-cuff generalizations about you because you have provided me with all the evidence I need. It was a slow day at work, I came across your board via a link on, took exception to a poorly written post, and here we are.

You sure have changed your tone from, "please come back, you're 8 posts will bring me oodles of add revenue" to philosophical questions such as, "why do trolls exist". Now that I've got you turning in circles I'll take my foot off of your neck so you can breath a bit. Don't let me bother you too much shooter, I'm just killing time. Your plea will not fall on deaf ears. I'll be gone within a couple of hours.

DMtShooter said...

Actually, you're giving me grist for tomorrow's list, friend. We use every part of the buffalo. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Which is it, friend, or jealous, emotionally stunted child?

Tracer Bullet said...

Stephen A.? Zat you? C'mon, man. I know you're unemployed so you're sitting at home eating Cheesy Poofs and Googling yourself, but for godsake man. You were once a popu . . . well-rega . . . you used to be on national TV. Trolling as "Anonymous," coming back to agree with yourself as a "different" Anonymous? You can't get a gig with NBA TV or Uncle Sambo's Good Time Coonery Hour? You're embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

You'd think someone who just oozes of sheer perfection would have read the blog's banner up top that says "cheap, mean, unfair, tasteless and biased sports blogging". But no Shooter, I guess trolls just can't let you continue committing appalling injustices such as this post. You really should be more careful with what you write on your blog, you never know what can tick trolls off.

Then again, more trolls = more ad revenue.

DMtShooter said...

I'm just hoping to eventually land that gig writing for the Sambo show. The promo swag alone is worth it.

Anonymous said...

"...I donate 10 hours of my week to helping out the mentally retarded."

You mean the mentally retarded is counseling you?

Anonymous said...

you know an article is a piece of shit when there is a whole bunch of comments, and none of them about the article just arguing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the writer of this blog got owned. Lmao.

Oh and one of the Anonymous' was right - the only reason I even checked this out was because it was on RealGM. Waste of my time.

I for one will miss Steven A Smith.

Anonymous said...

Comparing these trolls to an renowned journalist (unlike anybody on this site) is actually complementing them. God, the writers on this blog are dumb.

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