Wednesday, May 6, 2009

205 Drop: Top 10 ways the NBA will try to spice up the rest of the NBA playoffs

Just in time for the Blowout Round of the NBA playoffs (you'll forgive me, dear readers, for catching up on my sleep and day job, rather than watch the Cavs roll the Hawks or the Nuggets roll the Mavs last night, in all likelihood ending both of those series), it's a fresh list of snark for your perusing enjoyment. Sharp-eyed readers will note the 28th attempt to push the meme of Cheerleader Catfighting, which puts that meme somewhere in the realm of running site gag and uncomfortable personal admission.

And since the list was written before the Rockets upset the Lakers in Game One (I know, I know, it's shocking how these things are written in advance, isn't it?), there's always the chance of Rocket Fan getting all bent out of shape, which is always fun. Of course, this assumes the existence of Rocket Fan, or that he can pry himself away from the gun range and secessionist Web sites to put thumbs to keyboard. (Bonus round for people who enjoy reading angry comments: see how many of them assume that I'm a Laker Fan.)

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