Monday, June 22, 2009

205 Drop: Top 10 lessons that sports helps you teach to childen

Today's drop is nice and dark, based on all of those things that you shouldn't teach your kids, but probably will. The older I get, and the more I become very sadly aware of the powerlessness that is parenting -- they keep, you know, being individuals and all that -- the temptation to just wash your hands of it and be distant and dismissive is hard to overcome. Every generation, I am sure, is convinced that they take parenting more seriously than the generation before it, and feels like they've got more on the ball, in terms of research, education, memory of their own childhood, etc., etc. But we really don't know anything, just as our parents didn't know anything, just as their parents didn't know anything. It's the role of parents to be clueless, or at least, to seem that way to their kids.

Anyway, now that I've set you up for Com Oh Dee, go click. And happy Father's Day.

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