Tuesday, June 16, 2009

205 Drop: Top 11 signs your fantasy football habit is getting out of control

Today's drop is a matter of writing what you know, and lo, I do know fantasy football addiction. How bad is it? I'm giving serious consideration to trying to work out a permanent Big Board situation for my Man Space, because what I've found commercially just isn't close enough to what I will need for my August auction draft. What I want is a large board that doesn't go very deep, because my draft is only 15 rounds long. Also, I'd like the ability to move names around on the board, rather than have one-shot labels that tear up things if you make a placement mistake. Oh, and a comely lass or two to handle the paperwork, hopefully with the ability to distract the more salacious owners. And a second screen with tele-conferencing, so that I can extend invitations beyond my local area. Small things, really.

And yes, the real way to do this kind of thing is to have a monstrous plasma screen, so that your board stays entirely digital and can work in all kinds of bells and whistles. Casino operators of the world, I'm telling you, there's a real market to a crazed high-end experience with waitstaff, a dais, an auctioneer, a television crew and analysts to rip owner picks like it's the regular NFL draft, etc., etc...

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Art of the Fan said...

My fantasy football habit is way out of control.

I think you guys will really enjoy our fantasy football tees.


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