Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Brief Questions For Guys Who Obsess About Uniforms

(Inspired by the Phillies' broadcast crew today, who spent most of the eighth and ninth innings of a win over the Red Sox talking about jerseys.)

1) Isn't most of your existence just spent trying to get everyone to go for the uniform of your childhood?, and

2) At what point does your obsession with clothes make you start, well, wondering about your commitment to traditional gender roles?


Tracer Bullet said...

Are you intimating that an interest in fashion is somehow suggestive of a certain effiminance? Dhani Jones would like to have a word with your . . . assuming you don't run a slant and lose him in coverage, of course.

Five Tool Ninja said...

I don't know about the uniform of anyone else's childhood, but I can say with all objectivity -- traditional gender roles be damned -- that the powder blue away unis that the Phillies wore in the late 70s and early 80s are the most gorgeous sports uniforms in the history of sports.

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