Saturday, July 25, 2009

Forgot About 'Dre

Today in the Association, Portland signed away point guard Andre Miller from my Sixers, and while it's not breaking the hearts of anyone in my hometown, I think it merits a few words.

If Andre Miller is your point guard, you probably aren't winning a championship. He's borderline hopeless from three point range, and in today's Assocation, that's just a huge problem. As a 33-year-old point guard who has a ton of miles on his legs (he's played in 530 straight games, and 815 for his career, at 35 minutes a game), the end could be fairly soon, which is why the team didn't offer him more than a one-year contract. That, and the fact that no one in the Association who isn't named Paul Allen has money right now.

Miller was The Other Guy in the Allen Iverson trade with Denver, and the fact that he turned out to be the best player in the deal was the biggest reason why the Sixers stopped being unwatchable in the past few years, and have made the playoffs. But he didn't win a series in Philadelphia, despite twice being up 2-1, and as such, it's unlikely that the team is going to take a lot of grief for letting him go. The future is Lou Williams and Jrue Holliday, and while it will mean that they will be a lesser team next year, it should help them the year after.

Which isn't to say that the Era Of Two Andres won't be missed. When Andre Miller was a Sixer, the team had, if not overhwelming talent, at least more than a little heart. He gave a damn, fought with refs, would take punishment to set up teammates and get to the line, and gave the team an identity. The Miller 76ers were blue collar, fairly relentless, and if the three point line didn't exist, downright dangerous. That's what a competent point guard with a post game and a steel spine gives you, and that's why Portland just inked him to three years and $22 million dollars.

In Portland, with Brandon Roy at the other guard spot and Steve Blake riding the pine that he so richly deserves, he'll make the dark horse Blazers an even sexier pick. I think he'll help them win 3 to 5 more regular season games, and a playoff series or two. I can't see him getting a ring, because he'll eventually run into a team with a top-tier point (Utah with Deron Williams, New Orleans with Chris Paul, etc.) and won't be able to keep up.

But the fans in Portland will love him, just as the fans in Philly did, because what people who haven't watched multiple championships fail to realize... is that there actually is a value in players that, while they might not be Championship Quality, give you everything they've got. That's Andre Miller, and that's why I'm happy he got paid. Good luck, 'Dre.


Jason said...

Forgot about dre, great song. You have a great sports blog here. I was wondering if we could exchange links since I have a sports blog as well.

Let me know if this is possible.


DMtShooter said...

Done. I'm easy.

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