Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daughter of Awful Fantasy Football Team Names for Girls

Are you (really? seriously?) a girl in a fantasy football league? Then, by all means, take advantage of FTT's special wince-inducing list to make the boys in the league shudder in horror, or at the very least, be continually reminded of your relative uniqueness. As always, all names fit in the Yahoo character limit. And good luck in your league, toots!

Carrie Cheerleaders

Friday Night Slights

Spread Offense

Project Gridiron

Girl Beaters

Inglourious Bitches

Place Kick Hims

Favre Hags

Whips & Chains Gang

Foreplay Action

Feel free to add your own in the comments...


Five Tool Ninja said...

If you're a girl playing fantasy football, you might as well tap right into your opponents' most primal fears, and name your team after a species that practices sexual cannibalism:

Black Widows
Praying Mantises
Desert Scorpions

Barring that, why not go with the classic female football names:

Ashley Lelie
Courtney Brown
Brady Quinn

Anonymous said...

Flag Hags
First and Ten Fluffers
Pooch Punt
Bring the Wood
Gatorade Juggs
Play Both Ways
Blown Coverage

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