Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 10 reasons why Arena Football is folding

10) With the imminent return of the USFL, realized that they could not possibly compete

9) After 22 years, the excitement of fake football in a closet had somehow faded

8) Everyone is so sick of Kurt Warner that they're taking it on his hometown, as it were

7) Everything a Gruden touches eventually dies

6) The World Wide Lemur would rather show poker, documentaries, and dear God in heaven, Scrabble

5) With the existence of the af2 minor league, the nation's thirst for arenaball had been slaked

4) Baltimore's curse on John Elway has finally born bitter, bitter fruit

3) Teams were finally starting to figure out that pesky defense stuff

2) The greedy player-employees forced the owner-employers to pay them so much, the league had to fold, because that's just how capitalism works

1) Once the Philadelphia franchise won, the league clearly had to fold

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Maybe if they treated themselves more like a minor league sport and established themselves in second-tier cities, they could have drawn a more loyal fan base. Cool promotional ideas at each of their games like minor league baseball teams do could have helped too.

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