Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Top 15 Unreported FavreGate Stories

There's any number of people who are kind of bent at the media's continued mouthjob for Farvarino. Judging from the reaction in Blogfrica, the MSM is going down the usual path on this, which is to say, getting to the point that the blogosphere was at two to three years ago... but it's still something of a minority view (hah! I kill me!) that the man is regarded with the same general esteem as Michael Vick right now.

But it's not just the idol worship, the coddling, the blindness and the sudden overhype of the Vikings' chances to win a Super Bowl. (Wait, you are telling me they replaced injury-prone turnover machines with an injury-prone turnover machine? Crown their ass!) It's all of the side stories that they are missing while, well, writing the same story they've been writing for years.

So as a public service here in the hot and stupid weeks of August, here are fifteen story pitches for you to run with, journos. Assuming you're still employed as something other than a Favre Hag. Enjoy!

15) Favre may be solely responsible for the mainstream acceptance and understanding of the term "heel turn"

14) He broke Twitter, along with ESPN

13) The worst-selling jersey at the NFL Shop site is the split Favre/Vick model

12) Even Peter King, who fills his word hole with coffee minutiae, his daughter's sports experiences and vengeance against hotels, thinks this is getting self-indulgent

11) His desperation to spend less time with his family is getting unseemly

10) A large majority of NFL fans could not give a damn, one way or the other, what he does

9) Sage Rosenfels is really looking forward to learning new ways to turn the ball over from The Master

8) The biggest reason Favre came back was due to his ownership stake in a large number of prominent sports blogs (Thanks, Boss!)

7) Adrian Peterson's fantasy draft stock is, somehow, unchanged by the news

6) Visanthe Schiancoe has to change his name to Bubba

5) Favre's dream of ruining every NFL franchise is only 29 teams away from coming true

4) It's now against federal broadcasting laws to note his life-long crappy numbers in domes

3) Bernard Pollard can end this long national nightmare on Friday with a move he already knows

2) The late-season ground swell for One More Tarv Jackson Try will be wildly amusing

1) Whether you prefer Favre or Vick is almost entirely dependent on your age and skin color


Andrew said...

I'd love to see a split Favre/Vick jersey. The purple and green will complement each other very well. Too bad they're not playing against each other.

Mike said...

You might be right Andrew, can you imagine what the Bobblehead would look like for that combo..SCARY!!!

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