Sunday, September 27, 2009

Early Game NFL Notes

> Kyle Boller came in for the Rams to actually give them a pulse with touchdown passes. I'm not sure that Rams Fan knew how to react to that, really.

> In the first half in Detroit, the Redskin rushing offense was 5 carries for 0 yards. Hard to do, really. Even harder to lose to Detroit; congratulations on Motown for their first win in the age of Twitter, the iPod, and the non-rotary phone.

> Tampa had 19 yards on 14 plays in the first half, and honestly, from watching a few plays, I'm not sure how they managed that much. Byron Leftwich might be the most mechanical man to ever play quarterback in this league. This game was so dull, the New York affiliate switched to another game, right around the time that David Carr made an appearance.

> Up 13-7 with a field goal attempt before the half, the Vikings suffered a block for a touchdown, making for a 10-point swing and a 14-13 Niners lead. I thought only my Eagles were allowed to do that, really.

> Tom Coughlin likes the call being inside the opponent''s 20 yard line with the football "The Green Zone." That's because Tom Coughlin is a stone cold pimp, and if you do not score points in that situation, he slaps you like you owe him five dollars. Beware Tom Coughlin.

> The Chiefs reportedly spent 30% of their time in practice this week preparing for the Wildcat. That only has to be a benefit, really. And another indictment of the Chiefs.

> In further news about teams that really shouldn't be in the NFL anymore, the Browns gave Derek Anderson some play as soon as they were down by 27 points to the Ravens on the road.

Brady Quinn, the UFL is calling. Accept the charges.

> Some folks, looking at the poor history of SEC wideouts, his similarity to Bernard Berrian and his own questionable health history and route running, thought that Vikings WR Percy Harvin was a poor selection. Um, not so much, really.

> This just in: if you are relying on Kerry Collins to win a road game against a tough opponent, you are not going to the playoffs. The Titans stopped the Jets on 11 straight third downs in today's game, and still couldn't get it done.

> As a Steve Slaton owner, I've had to endure bad play for most of the year, along with the dumbness that is Chris Brown at the goal line. After today's crunch time fumble at the goal line, costing his team the game to the previously moribund Jaguars, I'm kind of hoping that we're down with that.

> Give the devil his due: an absolute found money escape for the Vikings today with a last play touchdown from Brett Favre to Greg Lewis (no, really) for the win. If I were a Niners fan right now, I'd go find something to kick. A lot. A 10-play, 80-yard drive for the win with no timeouts, and I don't even think Favre believes what he just did in his first home game in the new laundry. I'm not saying that Niners coach Mike Singletary is taking this hard, but I think he just threw away his big huge golden cross necklace. The Vikings are 3-0 and appear to have a hammerlock on the NFC North.

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