Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 10 Week 3 Ad Questions

> Is anyone else a little creeped out by the cultlike overtones of the "You Want The NFL, Go To The NFL" campaign? I like the league and all, but I keep expecting that guy to tell me I need to shave my eyebrows, move to Southern California and change my shoes...

> Speaking of cults, does Sony have to include Peyton Manning in every ad, and if so, why?

> Speaking of Peyton, why does he hate cheerleaders in HD? Feel free to phrase your answer in the form of a question about his sexual preferences.

> Who do you hate more; the guy that screams JACKPOT! over having an extra nickel of cheese baked into his crappy Pizza Hut pie, or the Bud Light informercial pitchman? I'm going with the latter, but only because he gets more screen time. Whaddya say, Pizza Hut -- give the man a chance to really engage my ire. It's time.

> All afternoon, I wasn't sure who was going to get my business when I bought my next jet engine. But then GE came through in the SNF game, so now I know. Admittedly, it might take, well, the rest of my life to be able to afford a jet engine, or to have some reason to buy one, and if I were a GE shareholder, I'd probably wonder why on earth the company is spending their ad dollars this way. But, hey, you have to build brand, and GE has definitely done that.

> I insist that the NFL investigate Buffalo Wild Wings. Dammit, we can not have a league where the referees are this compromised. (And hey, BWW guys, if you are going to show a league of shaky refs, go with pro hoops. It's more or less assumed.)

> Is there really a need for a 99-cent per call service to answer questions that you could, well, answer with 30 seconds and The Google? I'm amazed that KGB exists, and that they have enough funding to pay for ads.

> Is there anything -- and I'm willing to take Congressional action, or perhaps a military takeover of the networks -- that we can do to equalize the volume of ads, game play, and HD vs. non-HD channels? I can't be the only person annoyed by this.

> In regards to prescription treatment options, with all of these times that I've wanted to quit cigarettes and haven't, I've really had a long time smoking. And here I thought these things were bad for you!

> I know what I'm always getting at the Olive Garden. It bears a strong resemblance to the Cleveland Browns. And it's never ending, too!

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RFS said...

KGB seems like a great idea for a business...10 years ago. Get a google app for your phone or text someone that has it.

Don't forget about the Dish Network ads. "Dish Network gives you over 100 games per season" - Does anyone else notice that basic cable does too?

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