Monday, September 28, 2009

Top 15 reasons the Eagles are working out Jeremiah Trotter

15) It would be like having a coach on the field, only without all of that speed

14) Would give Jon Runyan company on the bus to Atlantic City

13) Thirty one other NFL franchises must be wrong

12) Levon Kirkland can no longer fit outside of his house

11) Trotter comes with his own throwback jersey

10) Byron Evans wouldn't accept the charges

9) Just want to find some way to really piss off Omar Geither

8) It's a way to keep him off the streets and methadone

7) Need someone to make Michael Vick feel fast in practice

6) Bill Bergey is enjoying retirement too much

5) Having an actual run-stopping linebacker just seems kinda retro cool

4) Until they sign him, they can't release him again

3) Chuck Bednarik is 84, and still a guaranteed unnecessary roughness flag waiting to happen

2) As Trotter is only 33, by the Brett Favre corollary, he has at least 7 years of tread left on the tires

1) After that Sheldon Brown mask embarrassment against the Saints, it has become clear that the defense desperately needs someone who has a cool celebration dance

1 comment:

Dirty Davey said...

Andy Reid heard it was gonna be a cold winter, and wanted to get some firewood chopped.

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