Thursday, November 26, 2009

Packers-Lions Thanksgiving Game Notes

> Is it me, or was Detroit Fan never into this game, even when they had a lead and the Packers looked like they were going to sleep through this? I bow to your wisdom, Lion Fan. Of course, you did go to this game in the first place.

> In my judgment, there is no way that a black guy was ever involved, in any way, with the Jimmy Football ads for Bud Light.

> Packers TE Jeremichal Finley drew a flag from taking a helmet into the chin. There was a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, I think, where the writer proposed the idea that if there were no helmets, we'd have a much safer game, since defensive players wouldn't hit with it. Compared to, say, rugby players and Aussie footballers, the danger to concussion is just much greater. It's an intriguing idea, even if that level of change in a game that doesn't seem broken will never happen. Finley then shook off the hit, came back in, and drew another 15 yarder on the very next play for a horse collar. Why do the Lions hate Finley so much?

> Why did Fox play the Monty Python theme music as background for the messages from soldiers? Is there a danger of them being squashed by a giant foot?

> With 38 seconds left in the third, Aaron Rodgers to James Jones ended all suspense, and we are treated to Joe Buck and Troy Aikmann trying to give a crap about their idiotic Thanksgiving trophy. That sound you heard was America switching off to porn, and Lions Fan going to get the paint thinner to huff. And once again, the Lions have made America hate this idiotic tradition...

> With 2:16 left, the refs overturn a dubious fumble call, basically to end garbage time, or maybe just to stop Lions QB Matthew Stafford from getting hurt. That's a mercy killing right there, though Calvin Johnson's fantasy owners didn't think so.

> On a fourth and five from the Lions 36 with 40 seconds left, the Pack take a delay penalty and punt to be sporting. Dammit, Mason Crosby *needs* to practice his distance field goals, you jerks. (The fact that I own Crosby in a league? Immaterial.)

> Someone tell me again why Detroit plays every Thanksgiving? Or why we can't schedule them against Oakland every year, and have the game done by interns and recent journalism school grads? It's not like the ratings would change, and if we just do the stupid thing long enough, it'll be a tradition. And therefore unstoppable!

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Steven Gomez said...

Raiders-Lions would be an awesome ratings boost just for the hilarity of two typically awful teams bumbling through a football game. You know, like Army-Navy without any of the patriotism or pageantry... or last weekend's Browns-Lions bumfight.

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