Sunday, November 15, 2009

Top 10 Week 10 NFL Ad Questions

10) In all of the demeaning and soul crushing jobs that Mike Rowe has performed on television, where does whoring for Ford rank?

9) Should I really chose my financial services provider based on their support of has-been '70s pop stars?

8) Why should the navigation issues of freaks impact my holiday season gift decision making?

7) If I use a Visa card, will I be mistaken for a Patriot fan? Because I'm pretty sure that I can use Mastercard for the rest of my life, really.

6) Is Yellowbook really the information source for people who let their animals murder other animals at the vet office, and if so, is that really a significant part of the market?

5) Why is State Farm trying to become more street?

4) Is Budweiser proud to be the beer of unfunny and insulting bar loudmouths?

3) Why are Bud Light drinkers so mentally retarded as to jeopardize their romantic relationships over protecting commonly available, commodity beer?

2) What kind of kinky sex does Cialis help you have, when the models are all ancient fossils in dueling bathtubs?

1) Can you eat Chunky Soup if your employment is more advanced than loading hay bales, or is it for retards only?

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