Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 10 Week 11 NFL Ad Questions

10) What is the percentage of people watching the BMW with the bow driving over the ski slopes that are hoping for a flip and deadly explosion?

9) Is Sirius satellite radio aware that more people watching their ads think of Elvis as a dead junkie who is buried like a hamster in his backyard, rather than as a transformative figure in music?

8) Staying with Sirius for a second, why exactly should we relate Michael Jordan to radio?

7) Isn't the most valuable lesson you can learn at McDonald's is to not eat at McDonald's?

6) Is the Unstoppable Eli Manning Citizen Watch inexplicably expensive?

5) Why do Santa's reindeer have cell phones, and given that they do not have opposable thumbs, how do they use them?

4) Has anyone in the course of human history chosen which camera to buy based on a camera company's sponsorship of still photos?

3) How, exactly, does making adults voices sound like children sell sandwiches?

2) Why does Ford think that letting Howie Long touch your tape measure and disparage your tool is a good idea?

1) Is there some federal law that requires advertisers to use the music from "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" for their holiday promotion?

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